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Your truck scale is your cash register. Raw materials come in and finished products go out, so having an accurate and dependable truck scale is essential to the success of your operation. A truck scale is a long-term investment that, with reasonable care, should easily provide 25 years or more of dependable service. There are a variety of options in the truck scale market today, and to the casual observer, initial acquisition price may be the only differentiator. However, manufacturers promising great bargains are able to do so only because they've cut corners at some stage of the process; be it design. materials. components. finish or all of the above. While the price may seem attractive now, the eventual failure of a lower quality truck scale could mean a higher Total Cost of Ownership, meaning extensive downtime. increased maintenance costs and lost revenue. The differences between an exceptional quality scale and primarily price-driven models aren‘t always apparent. Unfortunately, the most critical differences are rarely realized until it's too late.


  • Made from is : 2062 Structural Steel
  • Top Deck with 12mm or more Mild Steel Plates with adequate section suitably ribbed to avoid skidding
  • Designed for 200% ultimate Overload Rated Capacity.
  • Analog and Digital Load Cell Technology
  • Alloy Steel or 17-4 ph Stainless Steel load cells with Ip68.
  • Hermetically Sealed with inert Gas filled
  • It can be Installed either in a pit or on the ground surface
  • Maintenance free and reliable giving low cost ownership
  • Minimal foundations I Civil works requirements
  • Weighbridge Software for easy tracking of in & out
  • Customized Platform size and Capacity available


  • Asphalt plants (road construction)
  • Chemical
  • Cement
  • Quarry & Coal mines
  • Ports of entry
  • Concrete plants
  • Timber mills
  • Dairy farms
  • Transfer stations
  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Transportation companies
  • Petrochemical companies
  • Public Weighbridge

Type of Fabrication

HMT Extra strength (ES-Series)

HMT Extra strength (RS-Series)

Gross capacity

30 to 200 Tons

10 to 100 Tons

Standard platform lengths

3 to 28 meters

3 to 18 meters

Standard platform widths

3m/ 3.5/ 4m & more as per requirement

3 meters & more as per requirement

Concentrated load capacity (CLC)

45 tons

40 tons

Span deflection ratio

1: 1300

1: 1100

Weight sensor

20/30/50 Tons C3, IP 68/IP 69Kwith inbuilt surge protection

20/30 Tons C3, IP 67/67with inbuilt surge protection


1 year on weighbridge electronics +

One year + extendable


5 years on weighbridge platform

Damping system



Deck surface finish

2 coats of two pack air drying epoxy polyamide resin based red oxide- zinc phosphate & 2 coats of two pack air drying high build epoxy polyamide resin based paint + red oxide (specical painting option available)

1 coat red oxide and 1 coat of symthetic ename based anti corrosive paint (specical painting option available)

Sheathed cable

Standard & as per requirement

Standard & as per requirement

Junction box

IP 65 with surge protection

IP 65

Surface mount with guide rolls

Optional or as per design

Optional or as per design

Pit mount with manholes

With pit type weighbridge

With pit type weighbridge

Ramp options



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